The Grand Lodge is creating a new Leadership Development Program.  It is being designed to augment the Master Mason I, II & III Exams; Masonic Leadership Training (MLT) and the Lodge Officers’ Training Courses.  It will be an intensive program that will take approximately 10 months to complete.  BUT, they need a little assistance from us, the Master Masons.


A short survey has been created to assess the needs of the Brethren and interest in the creation of this new program.  They have posted a short, anonymous survey at: They are asking all Master Masons take this survey prior to February 14, 2022.


The above is information put out by the Grand Lodge.  I just looked at the survey and decided not to complete it.  It is not what I would consider “short”.  It is 30 questions with an additional optional question at the end.  If someone really wanted to find out who wrote certain answers, it would not be that difficult to pinpoint the author.  So, in my mind, it is not necessarily “anonymous”.  You be the judge.  Look at the survey and complete it if you think it will help them develop this new program.  (our District number is 18)


The Grand Lodge is in the process of re-designing their website.  It looks promising but is still a bit buggy.  Check it out.